Palm Communities is an integrated real estate development company that specializes in producing only the highest quality, service enriched affordable housing for families, seniors and those with special needs. With a portfolio consisting of more than 1,800 affordable multi-family units located in a variety of communities throughout Southern California, we have earned a strong reputation for innovative design, commitment to lasting quality and the delivery of projects on time and on budget. For over 30 years, Palm Communities has been committed to developing physically and economically sustainable residential developments that exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders: our public agency partners, business partners, lenders, investors and, most of all, our residents.


Quality at Palm Communities begins with the implementation of best practices at each phase of project development, starting with land use planning and extending all the way through asset management. We recruit the best in the business to serve on our staff, and our high quality team is committed to only the highest quality product. At Palm Communities, we believe that high quality projects are more sustainable over time, retain their value better, and instil in our residents a sense of pride and commitment to their community. This quality is critical to creating a sense of community, especially in building an environment that encourages residents to invest in their own futures.


Palm Communities operates using private sector efficiencies to achieve a public sector mission. The firm’s approach to project planning and implementation reflects our deep understanding of the economics of multi-family affordable home development. We pride ourselves on being one of the most technically proficient firms engaged in the development of any kind of housing. We have the long-term financial relationships to bring our projects to market quickly and efficiently. Our financial feasibility analysis capability assists us in successfully determining affordability thresholds, obtaining necessary entitlements, and developing management plans that ensure long-term project success.


Palm Communities defines what we do differently from most affordable housing developers. Yes, we build affordable communities, but our mission is to allow our residents to succeed on their own and help them break what is often a cycle of poverty. Palm Communities knows that safe, affordable housing creates the supportive environment people need to transform their own futures. This spirit of commitment is also present in Palm Communities’ business relationships. We value and foster collaborative relationships with our non-profit and local government partners, gaining community support for our affordable communities as part of the planning process, and working diligently with our public agency partners to secure the federal and state resources that will help make their projects a reality.

Resident Services

Palm Communities understands that high quality affordable housing is only the first step toward creating communities that are sustainable and that provide residents with the best opportunity to improve their outcomes in life. On-site social services support residents’ goals of upward mobility and help to provide the peace of mind necessary for them to have the highest quality of life possible, regardless of economic circumstances. Services provided at Palm Communities’ properties include, but are not limited to the following: • After School Programs • Supplemental Education Programs • Health, Wellness and Skill Building Classes • On-Site Case Management • Crisis Management • Mediation Services • Social Activities.

Supportive Housing

Palm Communities has placed several projects in service that provide housing opportunities for vulnerable populations. The company’s experience with supportive housing began with financing from the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) that facilitates housing to serve clients of the California Department of Mental Health (DMH). Palm was the first company in Riverside County to utilize this new source of financing for supportive housing for clients of the Department of Mental Health. In addition to this population, Palm Communities is also making great strides to provide housing and services for the following supportive housing clientele: • Veterans • At Risk or Formerly Homeless Persons • Frail Seniors • Transitional Age Youth • Developmentally Disabled Persons.